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USGS Minerals Information: Tungsten.
Tungsten is also used to make heavy metal alloys for armaments, heat sinks, and high-density applications, such as weights and counterweights; superalloys for turbine blades; tool steels; and wear-resistant alloy parts and coatings. Tungsten composites are used as a substitute for lead in bullets and shot.
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Word Origin and History for tungsten Expand. rare metallic element, 1796, from Swedish tungsten calcium" tungstate, coined by its discoverer, Swedish chemist Karl Wilhelm Scheele 1742-1786 from tung heavy" sten stone" Used earlier as the name for calcium tungstate 1770.
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tungsten Uses, Properties, Facts
It is used in the form of tungsten carbide for very hard and tough dies, tools, gauges, and bits. Much tungsten goes into the production of tungsten steels, and some has been used in the aerospace industry to fabricate rocket engine nozzle throats and leading-edge reentry surfaces.
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For example, enzymes called oxidoreductases use tungsten similarly to molybdenum by using it in a tungsten pterin complex with molybdopterin molybdopterin, despite its name, does not contain molybdenum, but may complex with either molybdenum or tungsten in use by living organisms.
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See tungsten defined for kids. Recent Examples of tungsten from the Web. After the craft touches down in late November, its robotic arm will deploy the volleyball-size seismometer and a heat probe, driving a rod 5 meters into the surface with thousands of strokes of a tungsten hammer.
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Tungsten W Chemical properties, Health and Environmental effects.
Tungsten metal powder administered to animals has been shown in several studies as not altogether inert. One study found that guinea pigs treated orally or intravenously with tungsten suffered from anorexia, colic, incoordination of movement, trembling, dyspnea and weight loss.
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The symbol is derived from the Latin word wolframium. A light bulb containing tungsten. mineralogy scheelite, or calcium tungstate. Derived terms edit. Terms derived from tungsten. tungsten disulfide, tungsten disulphide. tungsten sulfide, tungsten sulphide. Related terms edit. Albanian: volfram sq.

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