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What is a Bezel? And What Does Bezel-less Mean?
So in order to increase screen size, manufacturers must decrease the size of the bezel. What Are the Benefits of Bezel-less Devices? When we refer to bezel-less, we usually refer to less bezel rather than a total lack of bezel.
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Bezel Define Bezel at
Finger-Ring Lore William Jones. The bezel was turned inward, and, in the centre of that bezel, the blue diamond shone with all its glorious splendor. Arsne Lupin versus Herlock Sholmes Maurice LeBlanc. After soldering, fit the bezel again to the stone, for the soldering is apt to change the shape.
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What is a Bezel? Definition from Techopedia.
Write for Us. Definition What does Bezel mean? Bezel is a term used to describe the outside frame of a computer, monitor or any other computing device. This is important for product developers and designers in evaluating the overall perimeter of the device/component and its possible ramifications.
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Urban Dictionary: Bezel.
Get a Bezel mug for your brother-in-law Callisto. BEZEL another term originated in seattle for extacy like the bay area use thizz seattle uses bezel so pop a bezel yadidameanbeezy. man i need some oj i just popped a bezel that bitch let me hit it after she got bezzed.
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What's' a bezel on a smartphone? Quora.
What defines a bezel on a smartphone? Is there any smartphone with no bezels? Is it possible to make a phone with no bezel? What is a bezel-less phone? Does a notch looks less ugly than a bezel on a smartphone?
Bezel-less Phone Comparison: Seeking the Highest Screen-to-body Ratio Digital Trends.
Lenovo has a large recessed fingerprint sensor on the bottom, and theres room for a superfluous logo in the huge top bezel, along with the camera and everything else. The shrinking bezel movement seems to be a distinctly high-end trend for now.
Top 10 The Best Bezel-Less Borderless Phones 2018 Review Hub.
If you remove a smartphone screen bezel entirely, you then create another set of problems to overcome. When holding a phone, your hands will be gripping the edges of the screen slightly. On a phone with bezels, this is not a problem as you have an area on no-touch at the sides of the mobile screen.
BEZEL meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
The portal is surmounted by a bezel and a bifora, which is very elaborate and opens a window in the shape of a cross. The existence of these dark zones requires that the injection edge be shielded by a border or bezel.
Bezel Definition of Bezel by Merriam-Webster.
2018 The Samsung logo on the top bezel is gone, meaning that the tablet could potentially have space for a rumored iris scanner. Shannon Liao, The Verge, This" is what Samsungs next tablet might look like, 2 July 2018 The Everose gold really brings out the colors on the bezel.

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